Mortgage Assistance for Single Mothers

So you are divorced or are a single mom who had it all together until the downsizing in your department rendered you jobless. Such is the story of thousands of women all over the country. In danger of loosing homes they fought hard to get in the first place. You feel all is lost and you have no where to turn. This article will help you explore possibilities for Mortgage help that just might save the family farm so to speak.

If you already own a home and are in danger of loosing it because your mortgage payment is behind or will be you can go to a site dedicated to helping you to find ways to relieve the stress and insecurities in your life. They explore the options with you, even offering a toll free number for live consultations.



This is a most unique and effective tool that van be used to obtain a loan for any need. if you need a FHA loan to consolidate bills, Refinance an existing home loan or become a first time home buyer you would do well to discuss this with the folks at they are dedicated to helping single mothers’ find financial solutions. The FHA program has several advantages for the single parent one of them is that there are compensating factors that just might help you to get some bad credit items “forgiven” by the loan underwriters. Then there is the fact that qualifying for this loan is a lot easier than most other loans. The flexible debt ratios is one of the reasons for this. That is why the FHA home loan is ideal for a single mother in mortgage trouble. It also has some really neat additions that can lower the rates and front end cost to the prospective buyer. One is the inception and inclusion of gifts from family members. They give you credit for any monetary gifts toward home ownership you receive from relatives. This company will help you to locate local grant programs that award money to single mothers for the purpose of home ownership. Finally the Federal Government regulates the closing costs on these loans. This means there is a maximum you can be charged.

The availability of this loan is perfect not only for a first time buyer but also the single mother who has owned her home for a time and are finding themselves in financial straits.


Mortgage companies look at the total assets and liabilities of the family applying for the loan. If you got the mortgage as a part of a unit and are not struggling to make the payments because of a death or divorce you can always talk to the loan officer and attempt to renegotiate the payments and schedule. When a spouse leaves that decreases the total of the assets and the liabilities most often stay the same and in some cases increase. This is when you have to first reassess you liabilities. It helps your case as a single mother to go into the negotiation with a budget and a reasonable repayment offer.



To be fair you will have to make a budget.  And if you are not sure how to accomplish this you can click on this link or you will be redirected to sites that offer free budgeting tools and samples of how to prepare your budget. The first step to any budget is to find out how much you are actually spending and what you are spending it on. For one month keep track of all your spending. Even if you buy lunch at work write it down. At the end of this month go over what you spent. You are looking for superfluous expenditures. Some things could be left out of the liability column. Doing this will give you more of your income to devote to your needs.


Do not expect that the cutbacks will go over big at first you may have to go from a cable package that has all the movie channels to basic cable. Regulate the time spent on the Internet. Cut back on electrical consumption. This type of thing works better with younger children teens tend to take it a lot harder. Especially since the cell phone usage is one of the first things to need adjustments. You may also have to come to grips with the fact that the house may no longer be affordable for you. Selling and moving to a smaller home in a more economical neighborhood may be your only option.


Most budgets look a something like this. Shelter 33%, auto 15%, food 20% by now you are already almost in the red. If you have childcare cost and insurance you may have nothing left for clothing, entertainment and the other small items important to running a household.


You Are Not Alone

The national statistics state that at least 35% of households in the United States are Single parent homes. 40% of the homes that are headed by single mother are at or below poverty level. The single mother with incomes that are above the poverty level are finding it just as hard to maintain in these economic times. The prices are constantly going up faster than the incomes. Most single mothers do not care if the help comes from government assistance or donations form private organizations and individuals. All they care about is that they get to keep or buy their homes.


HUD – the Department of Housing and Development is a great resource for would be homeowners and single mother mortgage holders alike. They offer a lot of free help in all financial areas. You can contact them at If you qualify for their loan guarantee program you may find it easier to get that loan you need.


The HOME program – This is a program that assist new home owners with funds for their down payment. You must meet the income criteria as well as being a single mom.


Habitat – Habitat for Humanities is an excellent option for single mothers who are trying to get a home. Follow the link to find the offices nearest you.


States usually have assistance programs specifically for their residents you should look into this aspect as well. you may also want to speak with a person that writes grants for a living. They have the inside scoop on what grants may be available and some of them will even work for noting as a gift to the neediest applicants. may not have any money to lend but they can point you in the right direction.


If you are having mortgage trouble you may also want to speak with someone at, they can assist you by helping you to be certain that the actions being taken against you are legal. With the recent “RoboLoan” scandal it might be to your best interest to investigate any action of a foreclosing nature brought against you.

The Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan offer help in a couple of areas. Single mothers can find assistance here if their initial loans were through the government Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac programs. President Obama introduced this refinancing initiative in 2009.
HOPENOW – This is an organization that is designed to match homeowners with others who might have a vested interest in keeping a single mother in her home. They act as a go between or mediator. Though not a solid financial solution it is a way to keep you in your home while you search for another way.


Mortgage Insurer – The insurance company has a vested interest in keeping you in the home. If you have no home they get no premiums it as simple as that. They offer counseling and other services to homeowners it is worth a try.


There is always other loan modification programs on the horizon. These can allow homeowners breathing room for at least the next five or so years. One thing you should do is keep the lines of communication open between you and the mortgage holder. Read all incoming mail from them and talk with them about your situation openly and honestly. It does them more harm than good to actually foreclose on a home. Most often they are willing to work out a mutually beneficial agreement with you. Seeing them as the enemy will ultimately be a downfall. Keeping them on your side and in the battle with you can work out better in the long run.



Hard times can happen to anyone at anytime. Even if you failed to plan for them initially it may not be too late to salvage your situation. Single mothers have it worse than most but with a little effort you can find those willing and able to assist you with your mortgage. It will take effort on your part and extreme patience but it can be done. When you decide to make a search keep accurate records pertaining to who you spoke with, sites you visited and the outcome of each. This will help you narrow down the field of prospect in an orderly manner. Hey, you could even start a blog about your searcch and include that information. There are others doing the same search and your information could be helpful to them. This could also turn into a money making venture. You could use the blog for affiliate marketing and actually earn the extra income you need to save your home.

Home Loans for Single Mothers

Home for single mothers is often the crux of family life. The home is where you play, discipline and feed your children. It is also, just as importantly, where you will often take time out to relax and reflect on the previous day or week.

If you are looking into buying or owning your own home, then look into home ownership schemes. Go to the Public Housing Authorities Director’s Association to find the website of your state’s local housing authority. The Housing and Urban Development scheme can help you buy an affordable home. They sell properties in every state and can also help fund a meeting with a housing counselor who can advice you on mortgages and the home buying process.

A matched savings account set up by a community organization, helps low income families save money for various things such as small businesses or buying a home. These are called Individual Development Accounts. Remember to try to keep your credit history as clean a possible as a bad credit rating may hinder your chances of getting a loan to buy your own home.

If you are renting at the moment, make the best of what you have by introducing some new furniture, or you can give your apartment/house a lick of paint. Make sure you check your lease and ask your landlord for permission before you do this. You may be also expected to repaint the home a neutral color when you move out. Decorating can be a fun thing for you and your family to do together and will change the look and feel of the home.

Landlords are obligated by law to keep their properties safe sand habitable for their tenants. Any repair work has to be fixed as soon as possible by the landlord through a qualified technician. If the damage is not your fault, then expect your landlord to pay. However if the damage is your fault then your landlord may expect you to pay the cost of the repair work.

When it comes to home activities, try to make daily routines fun for the children. Young children are often eager to have a go at house chores like gathering up laundry and cutting shapes in baking dough. Get them involved in house tasks as not only is this aiding their development, but it kills two birds with one stone, so to speak.

You can also work from home, to both make money and have time to care for your children. There are a multitude of careers in freelancing and small home businesses where you can have the best of both worlds- not forgetting that you save money on travel and work clothes. The most important thing about working from home may be the fact that you are there when your children come back from school.

Whether you are looking to buy, decorate or make your home more efficient, the home for single mothers is one of the most important part of you and your children’s lives.

Mortgages for Single Mothers

As a single mother there will probably be nothing more important to you than making sure that your child grows up in a safe environment. This means that you will need a steady and solid home that is void from all forms of worry and stress. Mortgages are stressful at the easiest of times so mortgages for single mothers need to be approached with double care.

There are hundreds of possible mortgage deals that will be ready to try and draw you in as soon as the housing market begins to boom again. However, you will need to spend a lot of time being able to search and shop around to make sure you do not fall into the trap of giving in to an introductory rate.

This article will look at one or two of the mortgage packages that are available to you as a single mother and the best ways to go about sorting out a finance deal for your home. As long as you approach all stages of the mortgage process with some clear and logical thinking then you will not be ripped off or taken advantage of.

Mortgage assistance can be offered to you directly by the government. The first step you should always take is the official one because you then know that the information you are being given is not made up or hoaxed. If you do not qualify for mortgage assistance from the government then officials will happily advise you on the best places to look for a deal and the companies to avoid when it comes to what seem like cheap rates.

This assistance can be very substantial, but the main problem is that it very rarely sets you up to buy a home completely. Most forms of help from the government will come in the form of subsidies that will be paid to help you make a payment in a particular month or a payment towards deposit. The government does encourage single mothers to try and own their own home but it will not help you right up until the final paper work has been signed.

Visit physical banks. Again this is one of the first steps you should take because you know you are talking to a human being. You can also make sure that your mortgage is not sold on to a debt collection agency by doing this. Bank rates will never be the cheapest but they are safe, which will be important to you, as you want to raise your child in a safe environment.

Mortgages for single mothers can attract some not very nice people and you should always remember not to be sucked in by good immediate rates. These will quickly increase and you could be left with payments each month that you cannot meet. This will lead to your house being taken away and you and your child will be left without any security at all.