Job Ideas for Single Moms

Finding a job as a single mother can be challenging, to put it mildly. But if anybody can manage it, it’s the Superwomen among us who are handling all the responsibility of raising a family already. With the strength, creativity, energy and commitment you’re already committing to that task, there’s no question you have what it takes to succeed in any job you desire.

Without a doubt, the best way to get a GOOD job is to go back to school and get training so you can qualify for better-paid job positions. Without an education, your job options will be limited. It is difficult to go back to school as a single mom, but it’s certainly possible.

The biggest issue you will have will be how to finance your schooling.

Here are a couple ‘private’ programs to look at:


10k Scholarship for Working Adults – Moms and dads welcome to sign up! Register for this and you get entered into a 10k Scholarship draw several times a year! For the chance at that kind of money, it’s worth the 5 minutes of your time to sign up!

10k Scholarship for Dads – A similar sort of program. Register on the site for a chance at 10k Scholarship money. This one is aimed at Dads.

Win a $50,000 Scholarship – free sign up for a chance to win a 50k Scholarship for school. You have nothing to lose but 5 minutes of time!


Some other online offers / programs worth checking out:
  • The Cute Kid — Enter a Photo of your child and sign him or her up for a chance at a scholarship AND at winning paid modeling gigs
  • Career Scholarship Guide — sign up for this program and you’ll be given help on finding Scholarships, Jobs, and the like
  • Get Paid To Take Free Online Surveys – the gist of it is you fill out a survey and for doing so, you get paid. It’s not life changing money, but it’s something to do for some extra chow when you have time
  • Look at FDP (Federal Funding Programs) which is a pay service that will help walk you through applying for federal assistance programs; many of which you may have not heard about on your own.


IF going back to school is simply not an option for you, all is not lost. There are still other job opportunities out there.


First Things First

If you have never held a job before, or don’t have a clear idea of what kind of work you’re qualified for, there are many sources that have tools to help you evaluate your career options.

For public programs/other information keep reading…

Here are some public programs that specialize in helping you get jobs:

US Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration (ETA)

The ETA’s website has a “Find Job and Career Info” section with programs, resources and online tools to help workers in all stages of job and career development. Assessing your skills, deciding on a career that fits those skills, and help on preparing for your career are all included.

Workforce/One Stop Centers

The ETA (above) partially funds Workforce and One Stop centers, a valuable resource for the job seeker in every state. They have online and onsite job postings and you can make an appointment for in-person help with resumes and the job search. For Workforce Centers/One Stop centers in your state, click the following link:

This is a “one-stop shop” for government services, so you’ll find lots of other links to government programs and services. Some of the information is a duplicate of what you’ll find in the two previous links, since it’s a consolidation of all government resources, but it allows you to search more broadly within categories related to jobs and careers and might turn up just the link you’re looking for.


More Training?

If your assessment of skills and possible jobs reveals that you need more training or education, first see if government financial aid is available to help you get qualified. The links above will be helpful for that, as well.

If no aid is available for the kind of training you need, you might be able to find a scholarship designed to help single mothers acquire the skills they need to advance. The following site has links to just such specialized scholarships, and also has an advanced search feature so you can find even more opportunities to help fund any further training or education you need.


Job Ideas For Single Mothers

Now we’re assuming that you have some marketable skills, don’t need any further basic education, and know that the above resources are not the route you want to take. You’re looking for ideas! Here are some things to kick-start your own creativity:


Temporary Work Agencies

Temporary work is an excellent entry point to employment, both due to the flexibility it affords and the opportunities it presents for exploring the job market. Some people enjoy the variety of work so much they never consider accepting an offer of permanent employment. This can be ideal for the single mom, since you can continually tailor your assignments to work around the needs of your children over time.

For most people with generalized skills, continuous full- or part-time employment can be maintained just by sticking with a temp agency that treats them well and works with them to find the best matching positions.

There are both national and local temporary agencies; given here are links to some of the better-known national agencies. For local companies, look in your phone book, in the newspaper, or search online for temporary agencies in your area.


Kelly Services

Robert Half


Child Day Care

If finding day care for your children while you’re working is a problem, why not provide it yourself? It’s best to become certified, but perhaps you can find a job at or near your child’s own day care center while you’re undergoing the training to become a child care professional yourself:

Earn Extra Income

Become an online freelancer, pet-sit for neighbors, transform a unique skill into a money-making venture. Here are six good ideas for earning extra income:

Work-At-Home Moms Organization

HBWM is a professional association and online community of parents who work at home and those who would like to. HBWM provides its members with support, networking, free advertising options, information, a monthly (print) newsletter, email discussion list, searchable member directory, member spotlights and corporate discounts on various products and services.

American Home Business Association

AHBA is a national association offering innovative benefits and services dedicated to supporting the needs of home business, small business and entrepreneurs. It provides its members with access to the best in traditional business benefits, Internet support services, resources and timely information that is critical to conduct a successful home, small or Internet business.

Small Business Administration

Manage your business from start to finish

Selling on EBay

People who put the time into learning how to do this really can make money. Rarely a fortune, but if you’d enjoy this sort of thing, you won’t mind working hard to earn a living. Read a few stories about how people have found success selling on EBay:

Sell handmade/vintage items online

If you have the ability to create unique products yourself—sewing custom baby items, creating art or jewelry, designing cards or personalized stationery—you can also find success by selling your own items on EBay or similar sites. One such site is:

Writing for blogs and websites

Virtual Assistant

Here are some tips on how to avoid scams when looking for a virtual assistant job:

ChaCha Guide

Depending upon how much time you can put into it, acting as a ChaCha guide will earn you change for snacks or some serious money.

Writing topical articles on national or local events or features

Affiliate Marketing

Many people use affiliate marketing to earn extra income. All you need is one or more websites or blogs, into which you insert links, blurbs, recommendations—anything that will cause a visitor to your site to click through to the primary vendor. If you’re registered as an affiliate, you earn income for that traffic.

This can be a complicated endeavor—it’s recommended that you research it thoroughly on your own. This website explains the concept more thoroughly:

Budgeting Tips for Single Mothers

When you’re supporting a family on a single income, budgeting becomes more than trying to decide if you can afford dinner out once a week. You not only have to make sure your earnings or other money supply stretches to last through the month—you also have to make provisions for unexpected expenses and future expenses like health care, purchase of a home, college, and more.

That’s a lot to handle on a limited income. It’s the rare person who can balance all the financial needs of the family perfectly—but anyone can become an expert on where their money goes, and that’s the important first step.

Keep a notebook (or spreadsheet, if you like doing things on the computer) of expenses every day. Enter into it everything you spend—and I mean every penny. If you put money in a parking meter, enter it. If you give the kids money for an ice cream or a movie, enter it. Don’t worry yet about what category it falls under, but do note what the money was used for. If your kids just ask for “money”, find out afterwards what they spent it on.

After a week, review your expenses and assign them to categories that make sense to you. If you think ice cream belongs under “entertainment” instead of “food” or “treats”, that’s fine—but remember that making distinctions like that will force you to comb through grocery store receipts to categorize every item. Budgeting should be easy enough that it doesn’t become a second job in itself. Here is a list of common categories that you can choose from. Remember that if they don’t make sense to you, they won’t work, so mix and match or combine categories to reflect your actual thinking about spending:

Repeat this activity every week until you have a month’s worth of data. By that time, you will have paid credit card bills, rent or mortgage, and utilities—those should be included in your list of expenses. Then look over your expenditures for the month. The fixed expenses you can’t do anything about—that’s why they’re fixed. There might be small gains you can make in some things like utilities, but at this stage of the budget game, don’t worry about it.

A good combination of essential expenses to shoot for is 30-15-15. That’s:

  • 30% of your income on housing: includes rent or mortgage, utilities, maintenance and so forth.
  • 15% on food: it’s recommended you keep this to necessary food, the kind you buy at the grocery store. If you shop wisely, that should make all other food (restaurant meals, lattes, lunches bought at work instead of prepared at home) fall neatly into the “entertainment” category. It’s much easier to cut back on this category.
  • 15% on transportation: includes car payments, insurance, fuel and maintenance.

That leaves 40% of your income to cover clothing, insurance and/or medical payments, entertainment, debt repayment, and miscellaneous. Part of that “miscellaneous” should be some kind of savings plan.

If your figures for the month show that you’re paying significantly more than 30% for housing, you need to take some action. If you can’t think of any easy solutions that will work for you (such as taking in renters, moving in with family, and the like), here are some links to housing assistance programs that might be able to help:

If you find you’re spending much more than 15% of your income on food, it’s possible you’re not doing everything you could be to minimize this expense. Here’s some helpful links on how to cook nutritious and enticing food your kids will eat, and that will also help a lot in your budgeting efforts:

If your expenses fall within the ranges above, good for you! You’re completely average! Now why not do even better in the savings category by trimming items you really don’t need from the other categories? The only sure-fire way to make money is to save money.

If you are pretty computer literate, and you find you kind of like the budget process, try to find a copy of Quicken or another computerized budgeting tool. These are basically more sophisticated spreadsheets, with all the budget aspects already programmed. They have common expense categories already set up, but you can still add your own.

This is a great tool to have, because at any time you can see all your finances at a glance. With paper records, you’re stuck with pulling out statements to compare where you were last week or last month, and having to manually calculate where you are this instant. But again, the tool is only valuable if you keep it up, and are computer-savvy enough to use it to full advantage.

Does the whole budgeting process sound too boring for you? Don’t fret—there are many like you. You don’t like to nit-pick about expenses, but at the same time you need to get control of your spending. The following story is a more philosophical view of budgeting from someone who managed to rein in her spending without becoming an accountant in a little green cap:

One important thing to keep in mind when budgeting as a single mother is that most likely, you’ll have to cut back somewhere. That “somewhere” might be things that your kids are used to having, like cable TV, or lots of snacks in the house, or maybe spending money that you don’t keep track of. It’s important to share with your kids that the family’s budget needs to be under control, and they might have to give up some of these goodies. Don’t worry—they might make a fuss about it, but if you’re firm and keep explaining to them that giving up a little now, might prevent giving up a lot later, they should be capable of understanding.

You might have some success by enlisting them to help you meet the budget when shopping. Instead of a brand-name cereal they like, send them on a mission to find the generic brand, and compare how much cheaper it is. Or (a better bet, since kids are so computer-savvy), put them in charge of finding recipes on the Web that you can make with inexpensive, basic ingredients, instead of all the over-priced prepared foods the shops try to entice you to buy. If you have girls, see if they’re interested in learning how to make bread and pizza dough, or even something really challenging like canning. For boys, send them off to a mechanically-inclined relative or trusted neighbor to learn how to change the oil on the car, or do basic home repairs. They’ll not only help the family save money—they’ll learn skills they can use their whole lives to continue the tradition of common-sense budgeting and saving.

College Grants for Single Mothers

College Scholarships for Single Mothers – Tips on Filling out Your Application

One of the main reasons many get rejected from college scholarships for single mothers is that they do not pay close attention to the application process. Overlooking eligibility requirements or specific requests on what documentation needs to be submitted are two of the main problems for people applying for scholarships. This article will attempt to give you a few tips on things you should look out for when applying to a scholarship program.

First impressions are very important, and your application is the first thing that scholarship administrators will see. It will show them how committed you are to moving forward and whether or not you deserve to take the scholarship, maybe even from someone else. By presenting a rushed, incomplete or unprofessional application you will be proving that you are not mature enough or committed enough to make the best of what that scholarship may provide.

To avoid this problem, you should begin preparing well in advance of the deadline so you will have plenty of time to check everything over four or even five times. The better your application, the more chance you have to get accepted into programs offering college scholarships for single mothers. Some guidelines you should follow include:
1. Type it out – unless the application specifically requests you to print it out, you should type it out to give it a professional look. Double check your work for any spelling and grammatical errors, and reread the final version before sending it.
2. Early submission – you should send in your application as early as possible since many scholarships apply the first-come, first-served principle, and if the funding runs out, you have to wait until the following year.
3. College test scores are very important and if you feel you could have done better, then you can retake the test. Make sure that the educational institutions you are applying to have received you scores.
4. Include a CV – even though most applications have an area for you to add your activities and awards, it is more professional to include a CV.
5. Never leave a blank space as it can be interpreted that you overlooked the question. Just fill in with NA, for not applicable.
These are just a few guidelines to help you prepare your application but the first thing you should do is check with the institution if you are eligible or not as nothing can get you rejected faster than sending in an application for a program you do not qualify for. This can hurt you with other programs as well because the same institution may have other options but you will be remembered as the candidate who couldn’t do a little research beforehand. It pays to take an extra five minutes to sort through the programs and see which you are eligible for.

There are many institutions which offer college scholarships for single mothers as well as more generalized scholarship programs which you may qualify for. As long as you present yourself in a positive light and show your dedication to furthering your education nothing can stand in your way.

Financial Assistance for Single Parents

Without the knowledge that Financial Aid for Single Parents exist, there are many single parent families that struggle unnecessarily trying to make ends meet. Without a second income it becomes very hard for a single parent to support her family. You do not have the additional help a second parent in the family will provide. You attend to all daily family issues yourself without help.

You attend to all family chores, work to support the family financially, and take care of the children by yourself. There are times when you are not able to complete the daily chores in a particular day. Financial Aid for Single Parents provides scholarships and grant for single parents like you.
You only have to look in the right places. We will look further in this article at the government grants available to single parents. Using a number of agencies, the Financial Aid for Single Parents programs is able to provide grants and other benefits to people of modest means.

A large number of grants are available through Financial Aid for Single Parents program and you should be eligible for some of those. Some of those will be children’s health insurance, food stamps, home mortgage, housing assistance, home rental assistance, food stamps and nutritional assistance, school lunch and breakfast to name a few.

You will follow up with the respective agencies to inquire about the specific eligibility requirements for the programs you are interested in. Eligibility requirements for the Financial Aid for Single Parents programs vary from state to state. For example, children’s health insurance program usually state that the family’s annual income cannot exceed $44,500.

If your family is eligible, your children will receive low-cost or free health insurance, dental care, doctor’s visits are covered as well as prescription medication and hospitalization. The Food and Nutrition Service maintains the nutrition assistance programs.

The aims of these programs are to provide access to food to less fortunate families. Single parents are able to pay low down payment on homes through the assistance of the Federal Administration loan guarantees, help in refinancing mortgages, and assistance in finding the best mortgages is also provided. Single mothers are provided with affordable rental housing through the rental assistance program. The housing provided are through voucher programs, public housing, and privately owned subsidized housing.

With the voucher program, you will find a place to live and the voucher will cover part or all of your rent. Knowing of this financial assistance for single parents available is invaluable, but you will have to know that it is there for you and how to get access. It will take some of the stress from your life and improve your life tremendously.

Financial Aid for Single Parents will give you the chance to advance your life and career also. In this way you will be able to properly support your family.

Financial Help for Single Mothers

The question of getting baby sitters for their children is a challenge many face. The biggest challenge they face is the cost of books, fees and tuition that has to be paid. Financial Help for Single Mothers is the good news that these mothers have now available to them. Financial Help for Single Mothers programs, and others available to mothers who are not single, have recently been made available to all mothers by President Barrack Obama.
The drive behind the Financial Help for Single Mothers program is intended to further educate as many people as possible so as to bolster the lagging economy. It will take a little more time for the country to fully recover from this economic recession even though there are encouraging signs that things are getting better. People who are better educated statistically have greater success and employment stability even in times of bad economic times.

Traditionally, the American mother has been the most neglected segment of society, so the president’s plan to support higher education of the single mother, and all other mothers, with Financial Help for Single Mothers programs, comes as very good news. The plan is made of many parts. The most welcome aspect of the plan is a grant that enables mothers to further their education.

With this grant, women have the choice of attending either accredited online degree programs or traditional college classroom instruction. Single mothers will be especially helped by the funding for online instructions, since this will eliminate the need for child care while they are in school. They are able to work at their studies around the schedule of their children. A single mother can get up to $10,000 scholarship funding to complete her education under the Financial Help for Single Mothers programs.

This educational help is also available to men. Pell grant are also available to assist in educational expenses. The amount of the grant has been increased to $5100 from $4050. It is expected that there will be a further increase by the end of 2009. Aimed at helping those from the poorer, socio-economic level, the Pell grant has opened the doors for many people to further their education without having to apply for loans that can leave students in great debt.

A student is not required to repay the Pell grant. The government has also created a tax credit that seeks to compensate the student for the expenses of childcare, books, travel and others associated with attending school.

As much as $4000 of federal income taxes can be exempt annually by those attending school. Even in this economic recession there is still not enough assistance for a single mother who desires to return to school. If she combines the available tax credits with government grants, single mothers, whether they are working or are stay at home mothers, can find the necessary funding to go back to school.

It has now become a lot easier for the single mother to complete her education with the assistance of Financial Help for Single Mothers programs. This task until very recently seemed almost impossible.