College Grants for Single Mothers

College Scholarships for Single Mothers – Tips on Filling out Your Application

One of the main reasons many get rejected from college scholarships for single mothers is that they do not pay close attention to the application process. Overlooking eligibility requirements or specific requests on what documentation needs to be submitted are two of the main problems for people applying for scholarships. This article will attempt to give you a few tips on things you should look out for when applying to a scholarship program.

First impressions are very important, and your application is the first thing that scholarship administrators will see. It will show them how committed you are to moving forward and whether or not you deserve to take the scholarship, maybe even from someone else. By presenting a rushed, incomplete or unprofessional application you will be proving that you are not mature enough or committed enough to make the best of what that scholarship may provide.

To avoid this problem, you should begin preparing well in advance of the deadline so you will have plenty of time to check everything over four or even five times. The better your application, the more chance you have to get accepted into programs offering college scholarships for single mothers. Some guidelines you should follow include:
1. Type it out – unless the application specifically requests you to print it out, you should type it out to give it a professional look. Double check your work for any spelling and grammatical errors, and reread the final version before sending it.
2. Early submission – you should send in your application as early as possible since many scholarships apply the first-come, first-served principle, and if the funding runs out, you have to wait until the following year.
3. College test scores are very important and if you feel you could have done better, then you can retake the test. Make sure that the educational institutions you are applying to have received you scores.
4. Include a CV – even though most applications have an area for you to add your activities and awards, it is more professional to include a CV.
5. Never leave a blank space as it can be interpreted that you overlooked the question. Just fill in with NA, for not applicable.
These are just a few guidelines to help you prepare your application but the first thing you should do is check with the institution if you are eligible or not as nothing can get you rejected faster than sending in an application for a program you do not qualify for. This can hurt you with other programs as well because the same institution may have other options but you will be remembered as the candidate who couldn’t do a little research beforehand. It pays to take an extra five minutes to sort through the programs and see which you are eligible for.

There are many institutions which offer college scholarships for single mothers as well as more generalized scholarship programs which you may qualify for. As long as you present yourself in a positive light and show your dedication to furthering your education nothing can stand in your way.

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